I love to travel. If you have limited time to do it, you have to be a bit more prepared for your trips. Trying to find all the best places i want to visit i started creating a Google Earth bookmarks file. I kept on adding and adding different locations to it and i realized it could be worth sharing it.

This is a live view of the bookmarks. I have added tons of places that i have visited and places i want to visit. I have been adding places from tourist guides, UNESCO list of wonders and photo catalogs.

I want to extend it further with time. I will be adding places before every trip and publishing it from time to time.

Get the bookmarsk XML

This map is a online preview of the bookmarks i create in Google Earth. There are so many amazing places to visit that you have to be prepared before you travel. There might be something great just behind the corner :-)

You can get my Google Earth bookmarks file from this page: Google Earth bookmarks of top world tourist attractions.