Top Places In The World to Visit

There are very many places in the world that are worth visiting. To put it in order and make sure you visit most important places or most attractive to you in just one lifetime is a serious task :- ) To have better overview and plan easier i decided to create a list of bookmarks.

The perfect tool for organizing your travel bookmarks is Google Earth. You can see some of photos geo located with panoramio and wikipedia bookmarks. Also world preview is much faster and more flexible than google maps. Thats why i decided to put all my bookmarks on google earth map. Every time i get some catalog or a travel guide i try to add most important places onto the map. With time my list grew and i decided it might be actually useful to someone.

Im pretty sure i wont be able to visit all those places but it gives better overview. If you travel to some remote place in the world it would be silly not to go another 100km by train to a amazing waterfall or temple just because you did not know it was there.

Any way my service and support will be limited as its a personal list so far. If you have any idea how to improve it let me know! I will really appreciate. For now i keep is simple in country structure. I will try to add links to wikipedia and panoramio in some cases. I will also export it to my website so you will be able to preview the map on my site as well as download the google earth kml file.

So enough talking. Download Artur's Top World Places to Visit List and go check them out. Maybe it will give you some travel ideas. Maybe it will inspire you to book a Egypt or Cambodia trip instead of purchasing the latest iPod. If you really like my list and it helps you travel you can always send me a coin or two from remote countries you visit ;-) hehehhe (i am a amateur coins collector).

I will try to upload updated list of places in the same format from time to time so you can download it. I will have 2 main folders for now Visited and To Visit. So keep your own bookmarks in separate folder, it will be easier for you to delete old version and import new version of my files.

Google Earth Rules! thanks google guys for making it possible!



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