Review - Puppet 3 Beginner's Guide

I got Puppet 3 Beginner's Guide as I wanted to learn some of the open source configuration management tools. I do not really like Ruby, so i thought a beginners guide could be more suitable for me. In summary i think the book is pretty good and i think it is a good read for puppet noobs like myself :)

Review - Web Operations, keeping the data on time

Web Operations is a really awesome book, there is no question about it. Even that the book consists of multiple short chapters it contains so much insight and experience that every software engineer should read it.

I have been quite lucky with my book readings recently. Most of the books I read were good or very good. I think it is mainly because of a more careful selection process. I stopped reading random titles and I try to read books that were recommended to me by people I know.

Web Operations is a MUST HAVE, let me explain why.

Java MouseClicker - Automated mouse movement and clicking tool

I needed a simple tool to automate mouse movements and delays on my PC. I like playing with Java so i wrote a simple one in a few hours.

Its a really simplistic app and it might have some bugs so please be understanding :-) But i could not find any free tool that would do exactly what i wanted to i thought i could share it to the public. Maybe someone will find it useful.

If you like it and want to modify it for your needs i think i might send you source code.

Setting up mouse control sequence

So to see mouse position click on track button, you can stop tracking if you are done. Then you move mouse where you want on the screen and write down location. Then write up a script like this:

How to wget to mirror a website without html file extensions

Wget is a great and powerful tool but it does have some hidden features that are not really common in linux world.

For example it has set of default settings that can be altered via some misterious .wgetrc (good luck on mac!).

Jmeter used to playback Apache access logs to generate live-like server load

Jmeter is a very useful tool for not only performance tests but also for automation of all sorts of web tests. Its not as powerful as selenium when it comes to ajax etc but it still allows to login, keep session and execute any sequence of http calls.

In addition to ab (apache benchmark) and curl it comes in handy when you want to stress test your applications to see the capacity and possible bottlenecks.

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