Review - The Art of Capacity Planning

Good news, another good book!

The Art of Capacity Planning is a really decent book with a good overview of how to measure and predict web based applications load.

Book is very short (130 pages) but I love that in books. Author does not waste time nor paper just goes straight to the point.

The Art of Capacity Planning shows best practices and useful tips on performance measurements, capacity planning, trends prediction and deployment automation. Author also presents set of tools that can be helpful in both measurement and trend analysis.

Reading the book was very reassuring, as it appears that we do everything well in my current company :)

Even that book contains a lot of “common sense advice”, I still think it is worth reading. For juniors it will be a great read, revealing a whole new world. Seniors should also enjoy it as a good review of best practices and of what they have already seen.

Final score 8/10


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