Review - The art of application performance testing

Personally i think it is a good book but it lacks details, tools and practical solutions. Reading the book is quite enjoyable and it definitely contains a lot of useful tips and tricks.

What i liked the most is the fact that the book is meaty and condensed down to less than 150 pages. I really like books that are focused so i was not disappointed here.

The thing that author covers really well is the analysis and preparations of the testing plan and processes around it. You will read a lot about what to consider, how to prepare your self, what to check etc. There are also some useful checklists.

Another chapter i really liked was the post test analysis which describes some of the ways you can look at graphs and correlate results. Its not rocket science but its nice to read and quite interesting.

There were areas which could be improved though. I think tools were not really explored enough. Web testing was described very briefly as well and finally, data preparation description was too generic. What i was hoping to see was some more specific descriptions how to approach generation of meaningful load, tools that can be used and how to do it. I also think the web testing was not exploder enough. General rules and techniques are good to know but web testing is really different than other environments and it would be great to see some practical examples of experienced performance testing guru.

After all i believe it is still a good book and most intermediate / senior folks can benefit from reading it. If you are quality engineer or performance tester you have to read it.

Final score: 8/10


Cool review. I'm going to

Cool review.
I'm going to read this book!
Someday in future :)

2010-12-12 12:36

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