Review - Software Architecture for Developers

I am really confused by this book. The summary looked really interesting, but I think author failed to deliver on the initial "promise".

I am not sure why I did not enjoy this book much. I think it may be because it was aimed at more junior engineers, it could also be because I did not manage to grasp author's vision and the core message.

I found first quarter of the book attempting to explain simple definitions in a little bit strange or confusing ways. Then author described some of the things, that architects should consider in their daily work. Author spent some time discussing different ways of documenting, modelling and diagramming solutions. Finally, he went through some of his observations of agile/waterfall teams and software architecture as a technical leadership role.

Some of the ideas in the book were sound, but I found most of the material fairly vague and more like common sense, rather than well structured and well thought out information.

Final score 6/10


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