Review: SOA patterns

SOA Patterns is a good book, especially if you are looking for more in-depth advice on SOA design patterns. Author also manages to covers a lot of issues related to architecture in general, not just SOA specific problems.

I really liked Part 1 of the book. If has simple structure and focuses on explaining architectural problems and ways of applying SOA to solve them. Each sub-chapter states the "problem", presents possible "solution" and describes some of the technologies which might be used to implement a particular pattern.

The second Part of the book was not that great, but it was still ok. First author presented some simple anti-patterns and then went into a "case study" reiterating patterns described earlier in the book. Personally i felt the last part was a little bit boring, but it might have been just my subjective perception of it.

All that being said, i still believe SOA Patterns is a very solid book and most engineers would benefit from reading it. If you are serious about deep understanding of architectural problems and SOA itself, you will like this book :-)

Final score 9/10


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