Review - JavaScript: the good parts

In my opinion "JavaScrip: the good parts" is a good book. It is a little bit different than other books i have read so far but it contains a few great fragments and just for that reason it is worth reading it.

The book is very short but it is a good thing. Author expects some knowledge of programming and JavaScript it self and does not waste time on lengthy examples or tedious explanations. Book is focused all the time and reading it is quite entertaining.

The only two things i did not like so much were the execution flow charts, which may look cool but are not so useful. The second thing was that author too many times emphasizes his attitude towards JavaScript good and bad parts ;) But its not a big deal really.

The "parts" that are good are grammar, object and inheritance model. Explanation of the functional aspects of JavaScript and expressive power of it. The part i like the most was objects model and functions description. I think its worth reading for both beginners and more advanced web developers.

Book also presents a list of good conventions and style suggestions. I think it manages to present JavaScript as more coherent and prettier programming language.

I would especially recommend this book to all web developers who want to gain better understanding of the language and its ambiguous syntax :)

Final score: 8/10


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