Review: Host Your Web Site In The Cloud

"Host Your Web Site In The Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy" is a pretty easy to read book. I wish there were more books on Amazon web services, best practices and hosting in the cloud in general. Amazon has so many services nowadays that it is hard to keep up with the offerings and it is always better to read about real-world issues and solutions from an independent source, than from Amazon documentation :)

What i really liked about this book was it's simplicity. It was really easy to read understand the material and follow the examples. I think it is a really good book if you are beginning your adventures with Amazon and want to get your feet wet.

I liked the fact that author explained most of the core services (S3, ELB, AMIs, EBS, SQS, SimpleDB, RDS) and even explained AutoScaling and other more advanced features. I also loved the fact that author provided some examples showing how can you interact with AWS web services to automate your processes instead of doing everything through the administrative console. That was really good stuff.

What i did not like about the book was that some of the examples were a little bit too boring and repetitive. I still think that it was not that bad and in worst case you can just skip the more obvious parts.

I would recommend this book as an easy to read guide to Amazon services. If you are a PHP engineer (examples are in PHP) and you are beginning to work with AWS, you will learn a lot from this book.

Final score 8/10


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