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Finally i got a book that is truly worth recommending! It is a very good book and i think every web developer should read it.

Book is a sort of a continuation of another good book High performance websites but to be honest i think i like this one more.

Book is very condensed, there is no wasted page in it. Information is well structured and you can see that authors prepared well for the publishing. Information is backed by a decent research and some of the tricks are really cool.

Book covers these areas in details

  • ensuring responsiveness
  • loading resources after onload event
  • loading scripts without blocking
  • loading scripts in parallel
  • comet
  • optimizing images
  • sharding domains
  • improving css performance
  • web development performance focused tools review

The most surprising thing for me was the discovering how css is applied : ) i think i am no the only one who was mistaken about that one :)

Seriously, every web developer should spare these few euros and read the book, especially that it is very thin and reading is a pleasure.

The only thing that does not fit there is some of the javascript performance optimization suggestions. I mean seriously? comparing speed of while and for loops? unfolding loops? comparing operators and syntax performance? speed of accessing variables in local versus closure scope? that is just ridiculous. Unless you are developing 3D shooters or another in browser implementation of SETI you can forget about this chapter. I don't understand why it would not focus on avoiding reflows or things that really matter? Well, i don't know, to me the chapter about javascript performance was a bit silly, but maybe its just me.

Over all book is still great and i recommend it to all web developers.

Final score: 9/10


Hi there Sure thing i have

Hi there

Sure thing i have lots of suggestions of what to read. First of all dont believe people who say reading books is old-school and that they just read online. Although stuff found online is great you really have to be selective of what you read and articles are in 95% not as well prepared as books are. I strongly recommend building up a foundation of general information technology background by reading anything that you find interesting.

Another book i would really recommend is Web Operations - i am reading it just now and i think it is excellent and all web devs should read it to get understanding on best practices in this area :)

Review will be posted soon.

thanks for the comment


2012-06-10 00:23

Hi Ejsmont. I am a fresh new

Hi Ejsmont.

I am a fresh new PHP web developer. Trying to learn web developing. I read your review about this as you are a experienced software engineer you know better which book is worth reading. I am going to purchase this book right now and I will read it. Hope it will help me.
As I am a beginner will you suggest me some other good books for web developing. I need a good base to rise.

Thanks & Regards,

Iftikhar Ahmad

2012-05-19 00:28

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