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Cloud Architecture Patterns by Bill Wilder is a really good book. After some not so amazing reading recently i was much more skeptical when i got this book but it turned out to be a really great read. It is a no-nonsense approach to scalability and cloud software especially if you plan to host your application on Windows Azure.

What i liked the best about Cloud Architecture Patterns, was it's clear and down to earth style. Author does not try too hard to sound smart and focuses on explaining concepts in a clear and concise way. It was a great change after somewhat tiring scalability books i read recently, especially Martin Abbott's ones.

I think the book is somewhere between practical guide to Windows Azure and purely architecture oriented book. You can clearly feel that author used to be a hands-on engineer at some stage.

I especially liked chapters on queuing and high availability, they were really good. The thing i missed in the book was some sort of a high level overview of all the concepts fitting together. Maybe, if the book had something that would glue it all together, it would be a perfect 10 (out of 10). Even that Cloud Architecture Patterns is a really good book, it feels a little bit like a collection of independent chapters. It may be just my personal preference but i prefer books that have a higher level of cohesion. Maybe that is also why i did not like design patterns by gang of four that much. Anyway, Cloud Architecture Patterns is still million times better than "Scalability Rules: 50 Principles for Scaling Web Sites" which felt like a collection of blog posts not a book.

In summary i am happy to recommend Cloud Architecture Patterns to engineers planning to develop on Windows Azure, but since most of the concepts are universal other cloud enthusiasts should benefit from the book as well.

Final score 8.5/10


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