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To make it short and clear, I liked the book a lot. From a very begining it is clear that author has a vast experience in software design and development.

There are a few bits that really stand out.

First of all I loved the chapter showin pair programming and minimal effort principles. It is really fun to read and shows some very interesting observations.

Second thing i loved about the book is the way general design and development rules are expalined. I think it is a really well written book and every software engineer should read it at some stage.

But the thing i liked the most about the book is the examples. I really believe that examples chosen for design patterns are great. So far i had very mixed experience with design patterns books. I liked GOF but most of the other articles and books i read show patterns in some twisted simplified UML versions completly detached from reality. Agile Software Development describes patterns and general design principles in context of real world problems and i think it makes them much more understandable. Book also describes differences between similar patterns and what do we gain using particual solution.

The only flaw of the book is that it is a bit out of date. Examples and code samples are mostly in C++ and some desktop environments. Maybe it is not event that much ot of date for people who use C++ or C# but for me it seemed that way.

In general Agile Software Development is a very good book about design patterns and principles and i strongly recommend it.

Final score: 9/10


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