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If you want to contact me here is a list of my online profiles:

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I am very open to meeting new people so please drop me a line or post a comment on my blog :-)

Reading books

I love to read books. I believe it is a great way to gain knowledge and broaden your perception. I mainly read computer books but i also like stuff about leadership, teams, psychology, business and even physics. You can see what is in my to-read list on my amazon wishlist. You can also go to my books reviews section. I don't really try to be very objective or professional while writing these reviews. I just express my subjective opinions about the things i read.

A few words about me

I am a software engineer using PHP since 2003 or so. I think i am a geek to some degree, but i like to stay open to different things and not get stuck doing the same thing forever. I love software development and most of the software engineering aspects :) I used to teach on university, i have worked for my own company back in Poland and now i am living in Sydney and working for Yahoo!7 which is the Australian branch of Yahoo!

I have worked on some awesome projects in the past like the fulltilt poker site where we got 25 mln web requests per day and another 27mln via CDN. Currently at Yahoo!7 we get to work on even more interesting platforms. Over the years I worked a lot in areas of ecommerce, cms and cmr with main focus on platforms and backend systems. I have work with Java, JavaScript, Grails and Perl as well, but i spent most of my career working with PHP.

Life is never boring! Currently my areas of interest are closer to big data, messaging and teams. I am slowly shifting my focus from code to people which is really exciting and brings a lot of joy. I always search for new inspirations and cool things to learn.

Enjoy my blog and i hope to hear from you!


About the author

Artur Ejsmont

Hi, my name is Artur Ejsmont,
welcome to my blog. I am a passionate software engineer living in Sydney and working for Yahoo!

Web Scalability for Startup Engineers

If you are into technology, you can order my book Web Scalability for Startup Engineers on Amazon. I would love to hear what are your thoughts so please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment.

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