Zend Studio debugger toolbar for firefox 3.6

The latest version of Firefox 3.6 does not work with Zend Studio Toolbar which is necessary to use debugging and profiling in Zend Studio for Eclipse. There is a working solution though :)

Some nice people prepared modified xpi file which can be downloaded and installed with firefox 3.6. It works like a charm.

Review - Even Faster Web Sites

Finally i got a book that is truly worth recommending! It is a very good book and i think every web developer should read it.

Book is a sort of a continuation of another good book High performance websites but to be honest i think i like this one more.

Book is very condensed, there is no wasted page in it. Information is well structured and you can see that authors prepared well for the publishing. Information is backed by a decent research and some of the tricks are really cool.

Security considerations of single signon in context of XSS

when you think of it at first it sounds like a great idea. All you have to do is set a global cookie for the main domain and based on that perform authentication. User will be able to go from subdomain to dubdomain and still remain authenticated.

Unfortunately there is second side to this story : )

Cross browser debugging of javascript code with ExtJS debug console

I have came across a nice new javascript debugging console from ExtJS.

It is a simplified version of firebug but the good thing is that it works in any browser so you can use debigging and inspecting of your code and pages in any browser in the same way.

Window location hash difference in FF3 and Opera

I was working on the back button support and bookmarkability of one of my galleries and by accident i have noticed there is a slight difference in behavior.

I wanted to change the url to differnet page but preserving the hash at the same time.

I wanted to jump on some event from page

Another cookie rejection pitfall - problems with null path and domain

There are another two pitfalls easy to stumble upon when it comes to cookies. These are path and domain related issues. Not setting path on your persistent cookies might be frustrating. Read for more details.

Firebug in IE7 will save a lot of your time

Internet Explorer is often causing issues as there is no effective way of debugging the websites css and javascript. Firebug is one of the best tools i have ever seen as php developer. Now using a simple link you can run it in IE as well!

Testing your website in all possible browsers

The most amazing thing Microsoft has done in years was releasing virtual pc and testing system images for free! Now you can install many operating system on your virtual pc and test the website in all possible browsers!

Why does Internet Explorer keepon ignoring my cookies ?

There is one very nasty 'feature' of IE6 and IE7 that is very hard to debug and detect. It happened to me so i'm sharing it here to help others. If your IE keeps on rejecting your cookies without any errors nor messages you might want to check this one out!

How to allow accepting cookies from different domains

Sometimes you might want to accept cookies as part of a request sent from different domain. Unfortunately for you browsers dont allow for that because of potential security risk. You can find here tips how to let browsers accept your cookies and make tracking images and other things alike work.

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