Review - Event Processing In Action

I have been reading about event processing, message driven architecture and queuing for more than a year now. I think I have had some eureka moments already and got a fairly good understanding of it, but unfortunately I still have not found a truly awesome book on the subject.

Review – Beautiful Teams

If I had to summarize this book with a single word it would have to be "disappointing". I had quite high hopes for it as I read some of the “beautiful” book series before and they were really good. Unfortunately beautiful teams is not that great at all. I am not sure who would I recommend it to anyone.

Review – The art of lean software development

The art of lean software is a very short book. I was really surprised when I got it delivered home. It is not a bad book though. Even that most of the practices are common sense nowadays I still people should spare few hours to read it.

I have seen too may people not following these common sense rules to discourage anyone from reading the book. Don't expect breakthrough, just a list of useful advice.

Review - Programming pearls

I have not read a book about computer algorithms for a long time now. I liked parts of the programming pearls and I disliked parts as well. I think it is worth going through the book if you are a software engineer. Especially if you want to get better at designing efficient software or if you want to practice on some non-trivial programming puzzles.

In general I think it is a a solid book.

Review - Team Geek, a software developer's guide to working well with others

That is a really exceptional book! You would expect googler's books to be good, but this one is really great. Don't waste time, just order a copy you wont regret it.

Team Geek is a great source of knowledge not just for leaders but for all the people who work with software engineers (or who are engineers themselves).

Three things you should never do during a technical job interview

I have been in quite a few technical job interviews in recent years and I think I can see some patterns of why people fail. You can find a lot of guides on how to get the dream job or how to behave in the engineering interview but there are few tips on what not to do. I thought it may help some people in getting their dream jobs or maybe even becoming better engineers. Here are three simple things to avoid during the software engineer interview.

Three tips on how to become a better software engineer

Whenever I conduct job interviews for a while or go to interviews myself I realise how much is there to learn and how often we forget to stay sharp. Over the years I developed a personal regime that lets me stay reasonably up to date. As they say in China “sweat during peace so that you would not bleed during war”.

It would take a longer discussion to analyse my beliefs and explain better how was my career shaped but I think there are a few core advices that have worked for me so far.

Yahoo!7 hack day - August 2012

Last week we had a Yahoo! winter hack day. It was my third hack day in Yahoo! and it was the best one so far! The hack party started at 5pm on Thursday. We hacked all night with some people working throughout the weekend as well.

2012 "winter hack day" was an amazing event. We got so much love from management teams and office folks. We produced over 20 super cool hacks with prototypes of mobile apps, internal tools and all sorts of freakn cool code. It was AWESOME! YO SYDNEY, YAHOO!7 IS IN DA HOUSE!

The sacrifice object pattern - a way of turning anti patterns into a pattern

While working with legacy applications and inherently dirty code you have to find creative ways to make things better. Rewriting / major re-factoring are usually not an option as team does not get enough time to do even basic housekeeping, what do you do then?

I have seen sphagetti code way too many times in my life not to call it an anti pattern. One of the main reasons for sphagetti code is allowing any object in the codebase to talk to any other object. In addition it comes hand in hand with usage of global/static scope and leaking information between application layers.

I recently realised that i have been applying the same pattern for a while now. The pattern i propose is an effort to cluster ugliness and relief rest of the code-base from exploding dependencies.

How to add a git branch name to the command line prompt (mac/linux)

That is just a very quick tip how to get git branch name into the prompt. Friend of mine pointed me to this neat little trick just last week and i thought its pretty neat so i am sharing it.

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