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How to setup terracotta session clustering and replication for apache tomcat 6

Terracotta is an amazing piece of software and it comes with some really cool tools and features. To enable Tomcat 6 session replication via terracotta you need to do a few things but its relatively simple lets do it.

Review - Beginning Java EE 6 Platform with GlassFish 3

Ok, I admit it, I gave up after about 200 pages : -) In my defense I borrowed the book from work so I did not have to pay for it. Maybe thats why I did not have enough commitment to go through it.

Book should not have any 'beginning' nor 'novice' in the title, thats for sure. I is a bunch of specifications and very dry examples. If you hope it will get you going with Glassfish or Java EE you will be disappointed.

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