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My slide deck on Web Scalability Techniques from PHP Conference Australia 2016

I thought I would share my slides from PHP Conference Australia 2016. I spoke about managing state, scaling by adding clones, functional partitioning, data partitioning AKA sharding, challenges that you may encounter and finally I went through a sample application architecture explaining how different scalability techniques can be applied for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Review: Scalability Rules 50 Principles for Scaling Web Sites

Scalability Rules is a solid book and I think it is definitely worth reading, although it is not perfect. Lets start with things that I liked about the book.

Review - Software Architecture for Developers

I am really confused by this book. The summary looked really interesting, but I think author failed to deliver on the initial "promise".

I am not sure why I did not enjoy this book much. I think it may be because it was aimed at more junior engineers, it could also be because I did not manage to grasp author's vision and the core message.

Review: Mythical Man-Month

Mythical Man-Month, The: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition was always a bit of a mystery for me. I have heard people mention this book for years now, but until recently I have not had a chance to read it. I finally got myself to get a copy and after reading it I am as puzzled as I ever was :-)

Review – Beautiful Teams

If I had to summarize this book with a single word it would have to be "disappointing". I had quite high hopes for it as I read some of the “beautiful” book series before and they were really good. Unfortunately beautiful teams is not that great at all. I am not sure who would I recommend it to anyone.

Review – The art of lean software development

The art of lean software is a very short book. I was really surprised when I got it delivered home. It is not a bad book though. Even that most of the practices are common sense nowadays I still people should spare few hours to read it.

I have seen too may people not following these common sense rules to discourage anyone from reading the book. Don't expect breakthrough, just a list of useful advice.

Review - Programming pearls

I have not read a book about computer algorithms for a long time now. I liked parts of the programming pearls and I disliked parts as well. I think it is worth going through the book if you are a software engineer. Especially if you want to get better at designing efficient software or if you want to practice on some non-trivial programming puzzles.

In general I think it is a a solid book.

Review - Team Geek, a software developer's guide to working well with others

That is a really exceptional book! You would expect googler's books to be good, but this one is really great. Don't waste time, just order a copy you wont regret it.

Team Geek is a great source of knowledge not just for leaders but for all the people who work with software engineers (or who are engineers themselves).

Three things you should never do during a technical job interview

I have been in quite a few technical job interviews in recent years and I think I can see some patterns of why people fail. You can find a lot of guides on how to get the dream job or how to behave in the engineering interview but there are few tips on what not to do. I thought it may help some people in getting their dream jobs or maybe even becoming better engineers. Here are three simple things to avoid during the software engineer interview.

Three tips on how to become a better software engineer

Whenever I conduct job interviews for a while or go to interviews myself I realise how much is there to learn and how often we forget to stay sharp. Over the years I developed a personal regime that lets me stay reasonably up to date. As they say in China “sweat during peace so that you would not bleed during war”.

It would take a longer discussion to analyse my beliefs and explain better how was my career shaped but I think there are a few core advices that have worked for me so far.

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