Review - Event Processing In Action

I have been reading about event processing, message driven architecture and queuing for more than a year now. I think I have had some eureka moments already and got a fairly good understanding of it, but unfortunately I still have not found a truly awesome book on the subject.

Cacti RabbitMQ host template with graph templates and gathering script

I could not find cacti graph templates for monitoring RabbitMQ so I decided to create them myself. Since I worked with cacti before and created some templates before it was not that hard. The only issue I ran into was that rabbitmqctl has to be ran as rabbitmq or root user and I could not get the stats from non-privileged user. At the end i decided to run a cron as root to generate static txt file on the server and then hit it with cacti instead of the stats generating script itself.

I hope you find them useful.

Review - RabbitMQ in Action

First of all i would be lying if i said that i did not like RabbitMQ :) It is a pretty cool piece of software. Having said that, i could be a bit biased in favor of the technology but i will try my best to be objective here.

RabbitMQ in Action is a really nice book. I think Alvaro Videla and Jason Williams did very good job at describing how to use and leverage RabbitMQ in your web applications.

PHP stomp client customisation for RabbitMQ to properly ACK messages and disable prefetch

Just a quick post to help out anyone who might be stuck on this one. If you are trying to use PHP stomp client from fusesource together with rabbitmq stomp plugin you will probably get same issues that i did. Here are some notes that should help you solve the problem. Hopefully it will be integrated into the 2.0 client.

Publishing queue messages from PHP using different backends

I have looked at the state of different messaging backends recently and i ran a little benchmark to see what is the rough comparison of message publishing throughput. Results that i got are quite surprising.

UPDATE 2012.04

What i wanted to achieve was some sort of reassurance before choosing a messaging bus for my PHP project. PHP is usually a bit special as it's runtime environment is different than java / .net. I wanted to use rabbitmq because of it's routing flexibility and implementation of AMQP. After the simple benchmark i am not convinced any more if that is the best way to go for me right now.

How to install pecl amqp extension in your PHP on ubuntu 11.10

Pecl extension does not compile with the version on rabbitmq-c library shipped with ubuntu so you will have to manually install the library. Here is step by step guide how to do it.

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