Review: Mythical Man-Month

Mythical Man-Month, The: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition was always a bit of a mystery for me. I have heard people mention this book for years now, but until recently I have not had a chance to read it. I finally got myself to get a copy and after reading it I am as puzzled as I ever was :-)

Review - Build a great team!

Build a great team is a really nice little book. It is very easy to read and contains a lot of useful tips on how to work with a team. A nice surprise was the fact that author advocates for my favorite leadership style "servant leadership", which is based on support, understanding and help, not giving orders.

Review – Beautiful Teams

If I had to summarize this book with a single word it would have to be "disappointing". I had quite high hopes for it as I read some of the “beautiful” book series before and they were really good. Unfortunately beautiful teams is not that great at all. I am not sure who would I recommend it to anyone.

Three tips on how to become a better software engineer

Whenever I conduct job interviews for a while or go to interviews myself I realise how much is there to learn and how often we forget to stay sharp. Over the years I developed a personal regime that lets me stay reasonably up to date. As they say in China “sweat during peace so that you would not bleed during war”.

It would take a longer discussion to analyse my beliefs and explain better how was my career shaped but I think there are a few core advices that have worked for me so far.

Review - Psychology and life

Now, that was an amazing book.

I got it as recommendation from my brother in law (he has degree in psychology). At first i thought it would be dry and hard to read but it was not like that at all. I was amazed how interesting was that book. I was also amazed that it talks about very serious stuff in a normal way that can be digested by normal people.

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