How to generate self signed SSL certificate for Glassfish v3 and import it into Java keyring

Java applications that use ssl to consume web services via jax-ws or use HTTP clients may check the SSL certificate of the server in runtime. In case if your certificate is self signed or Common Name of the certificate does not match the domain name you will get connection errors.

To be able to develop applications you may need to run them on dev/qa servers and then allow your Java application consume these services. To do it you will need to import their SSL certificates into your local Java keyring (the same way you add exception rules into your browser).

Review - Beginning Java EE 6 Platform with GlassFish 3

Ok, I admit it, I gave up after about 200 pages : -) In my defense I borrowed the book from work so I did not have to pay for it. Maybe thats why I did not have enough commitment to go through it.

Book should not have any 'beginning' nor 'novice' in the title, thats for sure. I is a bunch of specifications and very dry examples. If you hope it will get you going with Glassfish or Java EE you will be disappointed.

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