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Just a quick update on the status. We have decided to expand the service to include free advertisements for all private yacht and boat owners. If you have a boat, yacht or even a kayak, you can post a free ad on our service.

Our service will have global reach and we are launching first clients in Europe right now. Western Europe and Australia will be our initial markets so stay tuned for updates. If you find any issues or have requests please feel free to contact me in person. I am very interested in making sure everyone can use the site and sell their boats.

Go buy a boat is a website of my good friend Robert Janiszewski. He is an amazing, energetic 'do-it-now' kind of guy and this is a website, that i built, for his startup company.

When he is not working as a banking manager or on his new business he is also sailing on sport yachts in Micro division. He and his crew won 2010 world championship in France on a Flayer 550 yacht!

Website is actually quite cool. It has full translation to 2 languages already and two more are on the way. It uses jQuery a lot for banners and gallery. I have build the gallery as a custom made drupal module using jQuery. I aslo use colorbox, jQuery UI, mysql and Drupal is core of the system.

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