Review - Beautiful architecture

Well, i am not sure what to think of this book. It is a bit uneven as it is a composition of many separate articles written by different authors.

First chapter was really poor. A lot of talk but no real value. How many times do we have to hear that architecture and design are important? Entire chapter is a very vague and buzzword filled blob.

Second chapter was actually very entertaining but again also bringing little value. Author describes two systems he used to work on. He brings a list of factors that made them fail / succeed. I like the chapter as it seemed a bit funny and had some good points.

Review - Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Software

After many years of reading references to it, i finally read Design Patterns by the famous Gang Of Four (GOF). Book is probably one of the most quoted and refereed IT books ever :-). Many of the articles I have read, that referred to the book, were really badly written. In most cases I had a feeling that authors did not understand design patterns at all. As a result my impression was that book has to be poor as well and does not do good job explaining patterns. This made me think that book has to be horrible if so many people write these vague and confusing articles referring to the GOF book itself.

Review - PHP architect guide to enterprise PHP development

I am very happy to write that it is a great book. It is not really a PHP book as you might expect as there is little PHP code in it. It is a software engineering book in context of PHP development. It is a book that every PHP developer should read and i am convinced that everyone will find there something interesting.

Book does not describe syntax of foreach loop nor does it iterate over obvious coding examples. It provides a full overview of enterprise development. It shows who are the peoples working in enterprise PHP companies, what roles they have, what processes they apply and what tools they use.

Review - J2EE Sun Certified Architect exam guide

I have read this book but to be honest i had to skip a page from time to time. It is not an easy read. I am not sure if i would recommend it to anyone either.

The beginning of the book is quite ok, maybe first 100 or so pages. But then the disaster strikes. Chapters about J2EE, design patterns and EJB are really hard to read. I am not sure is it the buzz words density or maybe the examples and over abstracting everything? At the end it is not a good part of the book. I would also not recommnd that book for design patterns study, it does not explain things but makes then more difficult ;-)

Final chapters are a bit more readable again, Messaging and internationalisation chapters are quite ok. Especially messaging seemed interesting to me.

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