Review - Sun Tzu Art Of War

It has been a long time since i read any non technical book. I was tempted to read this one for a long time so i did. It is a very strange book but also very inspirational.

First of all there is a lot of debate over the translation so each translator puts his own twist on how it should be interpreted. Second of all there is confusion who actually wrote the original text.

It is a very different read than anything i have read before. Interesting in a way but not really easy nor fun as text is much more difficult than i am used to. I thought the book would have more of psychological aspect and discipline than actual tips on how to deploy your troops. I hoped for a bit more philosophy and little bit less warfare ;-)

Review - Agile Software Development: Principles Patterns...

To make it short and clear, I liked the book a lot. From a very begining it is clear that author has a vast experience in software design and development.

There are a few bits that really stand out.

First of all I loved the chapter showin pair programming and minimal effort principles. It is really fun to read and shows some very interesting observations.

SoapClient causing a fatal error when WSDL unreachable

Just a very short tip as it was a big surprise to me :) If you have xdebug enabled SoapClient will not throw an exception but cause a fatal error.

All you have to do is disable xdebug or make sure that soap service is available.

An easier way to setup terracotta session replication in tomcat 6

The post i wrote some time ago about configuration of session replication in tomcat can be done in a much easier way now. Instead of setting up clustering of session objects via bootjars and heavy voodoo all we have to do now is configure a session replicating valve in your tomcat using application scoped meta-inf/context file!

Setting up latest ehcache and terracotta in your grails application

EhCache is an API for caching in Java and its also integrated into grails by default. The only thing is that its not the latest version so if you want to use the latest terracotta and latest ehcache you will have to integrate it and set it up yourself. Its not really a big deal but i post this tutorial just hoping that it could help someone.

A great way to mock chained calls in PHPUnit

Few days ago i had to write a groovy test for a java class and i had a long chain of calls to mock. I was not sure how to test it nicely and i started wondering is there a nicer way to do it in PHP. Usually in PHP there is a nice way to do almost anything :D

Review - Beautiful architecture

Well, i am not sure what to think of this book. It is a bit uneven as it is a composition of many separate articles written by different authors.

First chapter was really poor. A lot of talk but no real value. How many times do we have to hear that architecture and design are important? Entire chapter is a very vague and buzzword filled blob.

Second chapter was actually very entertaining but again also bringing little value. Author describes two systems he used to work on. He brings a list of factors that made them fail / succeed. I like the chapter as it seemed a bit funny and had some good points.

Ubuntu 11.10 with unity - mistake or awesomeness I cant use?

I am using new Ubuntu at home on my laptop for a while now and to be honest i still can not get used to it. There seems to be some friction wither i can not figure out there is the greatness or i am too old or it is just not that great. If you know answers to my questions please drop me a comment.

Zend Framework 2 Number Range class mini proposal

I have been working on a little piece of code on the weekend lately and i thought it would be useful to have a numeric range similar to Groovy's range. Maybe there is such code already but quick google search did not give me anything useful so i hacked it together myself.

Later on I thought maybe it would be worth sharing it so here it is.

Java compilation hanging forever on javac using macosx

This is a funny problem that took forever to figure out! unreal!

Friend committed new component into the revision control system i checked it out and my maven builds would get stuck on compilation. It would take like 20 minutes to run the compilation!

Compilation with javac would take forever no matter if there was error or not. Importing any net.xxxx package would make builds stall forever.

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