Buy and Sell your boats online for free with

Just a quick update on the status. We have decided to expand the service to include free advertisements for all private yacht and boat owners. If you have a boat, yacht or even a kayak, you can post a free ad on our service.

Our service will have global reach and we are launching first clients in Europe right now. Western Europe and Australia will be our initial markets so stay tuned for updates. If you find any issues or have requests please feel free to contact me in person. I am very interested in making sure everyone can use the site and sell their boats.

Review - 59 Seconds Think a little Change a lot

I have read this book a few months ago so I don't remember all the details any more. Fortunately I can still remember it was a great book and it made me rethink some of my beliefs.

It is true that we make biggest changes to our lives when we manage to change our beliefs. This book managed to help me change some of my beliefs and it helped me a lot. I would recommend it no matter how together you are, it does have some great concepts.

Review - RabbitMQ in Action

First of all i would be lying if i said that i did not like RabbitMQ :) It is a pretty cool piece of software. Having said that, i could be a bit biased in favor of the technology but i will try my best to be objective here.

RabbitMQ in Action is a really nice book. I think Alvaro Videla and Jason Williams did very good job at describing how to use and leverage RabbitMQ in your web applications.

Strange issues with network on ubuntu linux using ADSL over PPPoA

Just a quick hint if anyone else has the same problem :)

I have moved to a new place and I was experiencing strange network issues on mu linux.

It seemed like internet was working but some websites just would not load. I noticed that it was especially bad on google products and other larger sites. Many sites would never load when on SSL!

Yahoo!7 hack day - August 2012

Last week we had a Yahoo! winter hack day. It was my third hack day in Yahoo! and it was the best one so far! The hack party started at 5pm on Thursday. We hacked all night with some people working throughout the weekend as well.

2012 "winter hack day" was an amazing event. We got so much love from management teams and office folks. We produced over 20 super cool hacks with prototypes of mobile apps, internal tools and all sorts of freakn cool code. It was AWESOME! YO SYDNEY, YAHOO!7 IS IN DA HOUSE!

PHP stomp client customisation for RabbitMQ to properly ACK messages and disable prefetch

Just a quick post to help out anyone who might be stuck on this one. If you are trying to use PHP stomp client from fusesource together with rabbitmq stomp plugin you will probably get same issues that i did. Here are some notes that should help you solve the problem. Hopefully it will be integrated into the 2.0 client.

Review - Getting to know Confucius

I have just came back from a one-month journey over China and I have brought a special tome of knowledge. To avoid being one-dimensional I try to read psychology and self-development books from time to time. Exploring new concepts and new ideas can be a very enriching and satisfying activity.

Getting to know Confucius may not be the easiest of all the books or most exciting one, but it is filled with reflections and wisdom that is very valuable.

The sacrifice object pattern - a way of turning anti patterns into a pattern

While working with legacy applications and inherently dirty code you have to find creative ways to make things better. Rewriting / major re-factoring are usually not an option as team does not get enough time to do even basic housekeeping, what do you do then?

I have seen sphagetti code way too many times in my life not to call it an anti pattern. One of the main reasons for sphagetti code is allowing any object in the codebase to talk to any other object. In addition it comes hand in hand with usage of global/static scope and leaking information between application layers.

I recently realised that i have been applying the same pattern for a while now. The pattern i propose is an effort to cluster ugliness and relief rest of the code-base from exploding dependencies.

Publishing queue messages from PHP using different backends

I have looked at the state of different messaging backends recently and i ran a little benchmark to see what is the rough comparison of message publishing throughput. Results that i got are quite surprising.

UPDATE 2012.04

What i wanted to achieve was some sort of reassurance before choosing a messaging bus for my PHP project. PHP is usually a bit special as it's runtime environment is different than java / .net. I wanted to use rabbitmq because of it's routing flexibility and implementation of AMQP. After the simple benchmark i am not convinced any more if that is the best way to go for me right now.

How to install pecl amqp extension in your PHP on ubuntu 11.10

Pecl extension does not compile with the version on rabbitmq-c library shipped with ubuntu so you will have to manually install the library. Here is step by step guide how to do it.

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