Review - Team Geek, a software developer's guide to working well with others

That is a really exceptional book! You would expect googler's books to be good, but this one is really great. Don't waste time, just order a copy you wont regret it.

Team Geek is a great source of knowledge not just for leaders but for all the people who work with software engineers (or who are engineers themselves).

Review - MongoDB the definitive guide

I have read about mongodb quite a lot on-line last year and i also managed to pick up this book. I think it is a really easy to read and well written book. If you want to get some good basics on mongodb i think it is worth checking it out.

It is structured more like a tutorial / reference manual i guess as it focuses a lot on practical examples and usage of different commands.

Three things you should never do during a technical job interview

I have been in quite a few technical job interviews in recent years and I think I can see some patterns of why people fail. You can find a lot of guides on how to get the dream job or how to behave in the engineering interview but there are few tips on what not to do. I thought it may help some people in getting their dream jobs or maybe even becoming better engineers. Here are three simple things to avoid during the software engineer interview.

Cacti graphs generator class for custom metrics import

Cacti is an awesome tool but it requires quite a lot of manual work to setup new metrics measurement and begin graphing. As i am a total monitoring freak i love to have insight into different aspects of my applications. I love to export custom metrics and graph them in cacti but i found it too time consuming so i hacked a cacti graph and input method generator this weekend. The code is a bit primitive so please forgive me but i needed it to do just one particular thing it is not a multi purpose code really :)

I think some of you may find it useful as learning cacti for the first time and manually setting up custom graphs can be difficult so this script should help, check it out.

Review - Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler was not exactly as i imagined. First of all it was written in early 2000s and you can feel that it got a little bit outdated. Back in 2003 I am sure it was a really great source of patterns and best practices but from current perspective it may be a bit less relevant.

The book has some really good parts and I think every engineer would benefit from skimming through it. Way too often I see engineers with huge haps in important areas as concurrency, distributed systems, decoupling etc. I think there is still quite a lot of relevant knowledge in the book.

Review - The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is a great book and I am happy to recommend it to all entrepreneurs, managers, business owners and software engineers.

It is very difficult to summarise a book like The Lean Startup in a blog post. It contains a lot of information and a whole new ideology for how starups should be built.

Even that i kept reading about lean startups and MVP (minimal viable product) a lot this year, I still found The Lean Starup to be a very interesting book.

Three tips on how to become a better software engineer

Whenever I conduct job interviews for a while or go to interviews myself I realise how much is there to learn and how often we forget to stay sharp. Over the years I developed a personal regime that lets me stay reasonably up to date. As they say in China “sweat during peace so that you would not bleed during war”.

It would take a longer discussion to analyse my beliefs and explain better how was my career shaped but I think there are a few core advices that have worked for me so far.

Cacti RabbitMQ host template with graph templates and gathering script

I could not find cacti graph templates for monitoring RabbitMQ so I decided to create them myself. Since I worked with cacti before and created some templates before it was not that hard. The only issue I ran into was that rabbitmqctl has to be ran as rabbitmq or root user and I could not get the stats from non-privileged user. At the end i decided to run a cron as root to generate static txt file on the server and then hit it with cacti instead of the stats generating script itself.

I hope you find them useful.

Review - Web Operations, keeping the data on time

Web Operations is a really awesome book, there is no question about it. Even that the book consists of multiple short chapters it contains so much insight and experience that every software engineer should read it.

I have been quite lucky with my book readings recently. Most of the books I read were good or very good. I think it is mainly because of a more careful selection process. I stopped reading random titles and I try to read books that were recommended to me by people I know.

Web Operations is a MUST HAVE, let me explain why.

Why ftp_get and ftp_nb_get may fail with a broken pipe error

That is just a quick hint about an issue i had today. I wasted so much time trying to find the cause of it when at the end it was just no space on the device!

If you have issue with ftp_get or ftp_nb_get and all you see in log is "ftp_get(): Transfer aborted. Broken pipe,,PHP code: 2" then it might be as in my case no space left for the target file!

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