Groovy on Grails might be actually the technology we were looking for!

I have worked with Grails lately and i have to say it seems like it may be the technology i was looking for! I am a skeptic by nature but I am getting more and more excited about Grails. It is really a cool and deeply thought out framework for all web development needs.

Why is Grails better than Rails?

Some might say that jruby will let you do the same thing and keep it old school (ruby not groovy). To be honest, i don't like Ruby as a language that much. I have read some articles/books (just a few) and i have read some code as well. I must say it seems to me more like perl than Java. Maybe its just matter of personal taste but ruby seems little bit messy to me.

Looking for infinite loops and recursions in PHP code

From time to time you get some very nasty errors like infinite recursion or infinite loop. Being able to locate the error is crucial to quickly solving the problem.

Here are two tips that can help you find such nasty bugs in PHP code.

Memcache over UDP transport protocol is not really so cool

I have read some time ago that there is UDP support in Memcached. I did not really pay attention to it as i did not need it back then. Recently we wanted to improve the delays and concurrency on our memcached servers and i thought maybe UDP could come in handy.

Unexpected unserialize call during memcache get, oryginal string expected

It took me a while to notice that one so i write it down for others.

Memcache extension for PHP has a set function that accepts options parameter. Please see details here.

I had strange problem that values were coming back from cache unserialized and i could not figure it out why. After some investigation it occurred to me that config setting of the application was wrong on the server and wrong parameter was passed to memcache set.

Review - The Passionate Programmer

passionate programmer

If you are looking for a motivation book, full of interesting insights and tips for planning a successful career this is a book for you.

Its a very lightly written book. You can read it in one go and you wont feel you are reading an IT book. Its more of a story and list of hints how to improve yourself and how to fit better in the modern IT market.

Page load time optimizations with page speed

I had a chance to work a bit with a new page speed and JS mimification tool from google and i have to say its really cool.

The tool i am talking about is closure compiler and page speed and you can find it here

Web performance is not all about database calls and PHP speed. Its also about how many elements you have to be downloaded, in what order, how big are they, can they be cached, can they be compressed etc. Page speed helps you to figure out how to speed up the loading time not the html generation time. Pages consist of many js, css files as well as images. Knowing what causes delays is crucial to successful website performance optimization.

PHP soap extension error: Error Fetching http headers

Some times you might come across the mysterious web service error in PHP saying: 'Error Fetching http headers'

What it means is that connection or the call itself to the web service took longer than expected. Extensions does not want to wait forever so decides to quit with error.

How to compile and install sphinx search with PHP sphinx extension module on Mac Os X

I have said it already and ill say it again, i really dont like Mac. I cant figure out why some people insist its so cool.

Any way, as always i have to develop in different environment than run the live apps. I develop on mac and im using xamp as everyone else does in the team. From time to time we need some new module or some module is outdated or something and we have to compile stuff manually. Its real hassle.

Review - Groovy and Grails Recipes

I have to admit that i did not really want to get into another language this year. Its so much effort and usually so little gain of it. But what can you do sometimes you have to ;-).

While evaluating web platform alternatives we began with JSF2/JSTL/JSP/Struts. None of them seemed suitable for our needs. None of them seemed usable either. We began to look around for much more lightweight frameworks and thats when we started looking at Grails and Spring MVC.

Review - Beginning Java EE 6 Platform with GlassFish 3

Ok, I admit it, I gave up after about 200 pages : -) In my defense I borrowed the book from work so I did not have to pay for it. Maybe thats why I did not have enough commitment to go through it.

Book should not have any 'beginning' nor 'novice' in the title, thats for sure. I is a bunch of specifications and very dry examples. If you hope it will get you going with Glassfish or Java EE you will be disappointed.

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