Review - SISSP Exam Guide Fourth Edition - Chapters 4-5

Synopsis: Its the first time i decided that i have to cut the book in parts to actually read it! Yes i took the biggest knife i had at home and cut the book in 5 parts.

Second part of the book is even a bigger disappointment than the first one. I read chapters 4 to 5 which amount to about 250 pages.

Chapter four is a very vague description of access control methods in the organization. It is a ton of fluff and very little real concrete information.

PHP Circuit Breaker - initial zend framework proposal

Circuit breaker is a component that supports high relaiability of web sites. It helps discovering, at runtime, which of the external dependencies are failing. Having that knowledge application can avaid wasting time on trying to call them untill they are back online.


Current PHP application may depend on several databases, soap/rest web services, external cache providers or data grids, mail, ftp etc.

It is important for the application to keep on functioning even if some of these dependencies fail. To do that application has to be able to track when services become unavailable and when they become active again.

If a database or web service is down we want our application to detect it as soon as possible and react accordingly. Maybe application has a secondary slave database that can be read from? Maybe there is a way to load cached data? If all fails maybe its best just to hide some function or display message that service will be fully functional soon. What we want to avoid is making every user wait 30s for the database connection (which has to fail any way).

UPDATE: project was moved to github a while back as an independant PHP library php circuit breaker

Review - CISSP Exam Guide Fourth Edition - Chapters 1-3

Its the first time i decided that i have to cut the book in parts to actually read it! Yes i took the biggest knife i had at home and cut the book in 5 parts. Thats why i will review this book in parts : - )

First part i read is chapters 1 to 3 which spans over more or less 150 pages.

Review - Java Web Services

Seems like i am out of luck lately when it comes to books. I must say this book was not really my type. Sometimes it is not easy so describe why, but book is just tough to read.

The thing i did not like about the book was that examples drag for entire pages. I know its difficult to show some things in concise way but i think this book had the longest code examples i have ever seen : -)

Review - Joel on software

Joel on software is a very disappointing book. The amount of reviews this book gets, stating it is a 'must read', is just ridiculous. It is seriously a very average book.

I would not care so much but i bought the book and i feel it was not worth it, it is totally overrated.

Book could be described as random thought on Software Engineering and software development. Little bit of this and little bit of that. Some valid points and some gibberish i would not recommend. Book also has a lot of storytelling, little bit about this project and little bit about another. All in all very average piece on Software.

Review - Grails in action

Grails in action

Grails in action is an excellent book for all grails and groovy developers. It covers all main aspects of grails development and even more. In the same time it does all that within 450 pages. I liked reading the book as its written in a nice and easy English, good style and clear explanations. As other 'in action' books it does set high standard of both language and the content.

At the beginning of 2010 i have rebuilt my sister's website to make it more user and SEO friendly. My sister is a professional photographer living in Lodz (Poland) and has her own photo studio in Lodz. She does photo sessions for fashion magazines, clothing manufacturers and weddings. She has a personal blog with some of the late projects available here: Blog of Ilona Ejsmont a professional photographer - Lodz i okolice. The blog is not my creation though, it is wordpress based site.

To make the website i have used Drupal, my favorite CMS solution and some custom modules. I have build a custom gallery module and did modifications to other code. I have also used a few JavaScript libraries.

Website's main goal is to be an online portfolio of my sister's wedding and family photos. It is targeted to Polish local market in Lodz so there is no need for translations.

Grails clean build deletes target/classes folder

For some reason my Spring Tool Suite has a problem with grails clean target. Most of the time running clean script removes 'target/classes' folder after which i am getting errors like:

Error automatically restarting container: 
destination directory "/workspace/target/classes" 
does not exist or is not a directory

To get rid of the issue edit the file:


and add mkdir command at the end of cleanCompiledSources target

Setting mssql query timeouts in PHP for each call separately - mssql extension patch

I have spent some time trying to figure out the way to set query timeout in mssql and its not easy. Below you can see the process i am using now, unfortunately it does not work with the current PHP mssql extension (to make it work you will need to apply my patch or get latest sources).

Why do you need the query timeouts?

In high availability sites you can not allow any pages to timeout. If there is a problem with the DB (index broken or server overloaded) You still want your customers to see the page on time. It may have banners missing or some footer broken but its still better than waiting 30s and getting a blank page. After 2-3 seconds most users will click refresh button (putting the last nail in your coffin).

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