Review - Event Processing In Action

I have been reading about event processing, message driven architecture and queuing for more than a year now. I think I have had some eureka moments already and got a fairly good understanding of it, but unfortunately I still have not found a truly awesome book on the subject.

Review - Games people play

Games people play left me with very mixed feelings. On one side the core idea of transactional psychology and Games is really interesting. I really liked the beginning of the book. On the other hand content seems a bit irrelevant at times and does not explain the subject all that well.

Review - Build a great team!

Build a great team is a really nice little book. It is very easy to read and contains a lot of useful tips on how to work with a team. A nice surprise was the fact that author advocates for my favorite leadership style "servant leadership", which is based on support, understanding and help, not giving orders.

UTF8 double encoding issues in web apps and MySQL

I have seen this issue many many times throughout my career so i thought it might be worth to go through it in details and help others.

If you have international content in your database and suddenly you see things like "é" or missing characters like "?" instead of "è" you may be in trouble. It is a symptom of lack of consistency in the ways you write, read and store unicode characters.

I hope my explanation, even that lengthy, will shed some light on the core of the problem and possible solutions :)

Screencast - phpProxyBuilder - proxy design pattern and AOP for PHP

I am very happy to share my first-ever screencast.

Screencast is about my open source project called phpProxyBuilder. It is a PHP library aimed at code reuse and promotion of proxy design pattern in PHP. It is heavily inspired by AOP and helps to implement cross-cutting concerns once and reuse the same code forever. It also promotes some of my favourite design principles like decoupling, testability, single responsibility and code reuse.

I wanted to create some screencasts for a while but I found it difficult to get the right tools. Fortunately screencasting and video editing are much easier on linux now and i hope to share more screencasts about PHP, open source and software design in the future :)

Review – Beautiful Teams

If I had to summarize this book with a single word it would have to be "disappointing". I had quite high hopes for it as I read some of the “beautiful” book series before and they were really good. Unfortunately beautiful teams is not that great at all. I am not sure who would I recommend it to anyone.

Review – The art of lean software development

The art of lean software is a very short book. I was really surprised when I got it delivered home. It is not a bad book though. Even that most of the practices are common sense nowadays I still people should spare few hours to read it.

I have seen too may people not following these common sense rules to discourage anyone from reading the book. Don't expect breakthrough, just a list of useful advice.

Review - Programming pearls

I have not read a book about computer algorithms for a long time now. I liked parts of the programming pearls and I disliked parts as well. I think it is worth going through the book if you are a software engineer. Especially if you want to get better at designing efficient software or if you want to practice on some non-trivial programming puzzles.

In general I think it is a a solid book.

Review - The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking

Any time I take a break from work to travel I buy a few different books outside of my main interests to get some food for thought. I loved The Grand Design, it is really so much fun to read :)

I loved The Grand Design as it does not contain even one math formula. It is more of a philosophical book talking about different models of reality, explaining theories and showing nice analogies. Author makes some amazing points and presents some of the most popular and interesting theories. He manages to simplify and present them in very understandable ways. I think the book can be understood by almost anyone, it is written exceptionally well!

Review – Screw it let's do it by Richard Branson

I never thought i would ever say it about any autobiography book, but this one is really nice to read. Richard Branson is obviously an exceptional person, before reading the book i had no idea how exceptional he really is though.

If you are looking for inspirations and some good life lessons, read the book. I think you will not be disappointed. It is a really interesting story and a good set of life advice.

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