Review: SOA patterns

SOA Patterns is a good book, especially if you are looking for more in-depth advice on SOA design patterns. Author also manages to covers a lot of issues related to architecture in general, not just SOA specific problems.

Review: Host Your Web Site In The Cloud

"Host Your Web Site In The Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy" is a pretty easy to read book. I wish there were more books on Amazon web services, best practices and hosting in the cloud in general. Amazon has so many services nowadays that it is hard to keep up with the offerings and it is always better to read about real-world issues and solutions from an independent source, than from Amazon documentation :)

Review: Mythical Man-Month

Mythical Man-Month, The: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition was always a bit of a mystery for me. I have heard people mention this book for years now, but until recently I have not had a chance to read it. I finally got myself to get a copy and after reading it I am as puzzled as I ever was :-)

Review - Cloud Architecture Patterns

Cloud Architecture Patterns by Bill Wilder is a really good book. After some not so amazing reading recently i was much more skeptical when i got this book but it turned out to be a really great read. It is a no-nonsense approach to scalability and cloud software especially if you plan to host your application on Windows Azure.

Review - Puppet 3 Beginner's Guide

I got Puppet 3 Beginner's Guide as I wanted to learn some of the open source configuration management tools. I do not really like Ruby, so i thought a beginners guide could be more suitable for me. In summary i think the book is pretty good and i think it is a good read for puppet noobs like myself :)

Review - Art of scalability

I have checked out this book to do some more research for my own scalability book and i have to say i was really disappointed. I was really excited to see the table of contents as i thought book would focus a lot on the human and organizational aspect of scalability and it would have some valuable insights into these areas of scalability. Unfortunately it did not manage to deliver.

Review - Software Performance and Scalability

Since i began work on my own scalability book, i thought i should do some extra reading on the subject. I picked up a few books on scalability and the first one i read was Software Performance and Scalability: A Quantitative Approach by Henry Liu. In summary I think it is a solid book, offering a lot of good ideas and quite an interesting approach to scalability (through maths!). It is not an easy read, but i think the unique approach makes it really worthwhile.

Review - Event Processing In Action

I have been reading about event processing, message driven architecture and queuing for more than a year now. I think I have had some eureka moments already and got a fairly good understanding of it, but unfortunately I still have not found a truly awesome book on the subject.

Review - Games people play

Games people play left me with very mixed feelings. On one side the core idea of transactional psychology and Games is really interesting. I really liked the beginning of the book. On the other hand content seems a bit irrelevant at times and does not explain the subject all that well.

Review - Build a great team!

Build a great team is a really nice little book. It is very easy to read and contains a lot of useful tips on how to work with a team. A nice surprise was the fact that author advocates for my favorite leadership style "servant leadership", which is based on support, understanding and help, not giving orders.

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